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Cancellation Policy

We understand that ‘life happens’ and from time to time you will be unable to make your appointment.

The more notice you give us, the more chance there is that we will be able to refill that space.

Cancellations within 24hours of your appointment will attract a $50 courtesy fee if we are unable to refill the forfeited appointment time.

Why does your therapist charge a cancellation fee?


While we don’t like charging cancellation fees, it is unfortunately a necessary part of running a small business. Our income depends entirely on how many clients we have each week, and is worked out so that we are able to cover all our ongoing expenses as well as make an income. (We still have to pay rent regardless of who show up)


When a client books a session with us, we enter a contract that secures that time slot especially for you, we will not give that booking away to anyone else.

When that appointment must be cancelled, we do our best to refill it with another client who may have been waiting for a space to become available. That is not always possible, especially with only a few hours, or no notice given at all.

That then means that your therapist has incurred a substantial drop in their income for the week, impacting on their ability to meet their financial commitments. (we are sure that you can understand how it would feel to have that amount of money taken out of your income unexpectedly)


We love our clients and understand that ‘life happens’ and try our best to accommodate wherever we can. We respect your time and commitments and truly love it when the same courtesy is shown in return.


Thank you for understanding.

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